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Here’s How Easter Is Celebrated

Easter Sunday or the Resurrection Sunday is a religious and very important festival celebrated by Christians. Easter is also called by different names such as the Resurrection Sunday or Pascha. The Resurrection Sunday is the day when Jesus Christ resurrected from death.
So mostly all Christians celebrate this holy day as Easter Sunday. Mostly all the Christians are aware of Easter but there are lots of people from different religions those are interested in Easter as well. Only few of those people know that how Easter is Celebrated.
So here lets know that how Easter is celebrated.

How Easter Is Celebrated

For almost every Christian Easter is the most important religious festival. To celebrate Easter they decorate Churches in all over the world with beautiful candles and lights. Candles reminds them all that Jesus is the light of the world and this is the day when he resurrected from death. They fill the church with beautiful flowers and play beautiful music. Overall they make the church look all the way amazing and wonderful. Priests wear the best of their robes on the day of Easter. Well this is mostly how they decorate the Church.

You should go to the Church on Easter Sunday morning to attend Easter services. Its gonna depend on your church that what kind of service they will give. To celebrate Easter in a religious way you must attend Easter Services in the church. This is how you can know much more about why and how Easter is celebrated. It is a day of happiness for all the Christians as it is the day Jesus Christ risen.

More Ways To Celebrate Easter

Well above I mentioned pure religious ways to celebrate Easter but that’s not all how Easter is celebrated. Actually it contains lots of fun in celebrating the Resurrection Sunday.

Easter Eggs

Many Christian families go for shopping and bring new clothes to celebrate the Resurrection Sunday. Most of the Christians color eggs on the day of Easter. Those Easter Eggs you can gift to children. Well nowadays people replace that chicken eggs with plastic eggs and fill it with chocolate and candies. Then they distribute it to the children. Mostly Christians use that plastic eggs as Easter Eggs for their children as children love candies and chocolates. They use eggs because it is a symbol of fecundity and resurrection.

Easter Eggs Hunt

This game is also a part of Easter. In this hunt game hard boiled and painted eggs and plastic eggs are hidden in places. In Easter Eggs Hunt there are two types of eggs used, one hard boiled and painted and other plastic cover with foil or beautiful papers. Parents hide chocolates and candies in the plastic Easter Eggs. Now kids have to collect all the hidden eggs and this is how they play this game on the Resurrection Sunday.

Easter Basket

Mostly all the Christians prepare this Easter Basket on this festival. The Easter Basket contains plastic Easter Eggs filled with chocolates and candies, plastic eggs filled with some money, games to play such as puzzles or Rubik’s cube , gift cards, chocolates, candies and some more gifts depends on the people creating the basket.

Easter Feast

Many families invites their friends and relatives on dinner. Mostly they cook roasted lamb on the Easter Sunday. This is also a way to celebrate this beautiful festival. They all have dinner together and play games.

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